6 Ways to Use a Portable Instrument or Mini Instrument Such as Kalimba

There are many types of portable instruments or mini instruments right now on the market. I got to learn some of these instruments over the years and I would like to share them with you through a series of articles so that more and more people (even if they have no music background) can learn and enjoy the fun of playing a mini instrument such as a kalimba or a tank drum. 

Today, I would like to talk about some creative ways to use a mini instrument or a portable instrument such as a kalimba.

1. For practice

Whether it is simply to practice your musical senses or your kalimba skills, a mini instrument kalimba is a good starting point. Due to its simple design (8 keys or 17 keys), you don't have to stress about memorizing the key positions. Simply playing it along the regular music sheet or kalimba tab sheet helps increase your confidence and skills in music reading and playing. 

Cute Mini Instrument 8 Key Kalimba

Our Cute 8 Key Kalimba

2. Play along a backtrack for fun

Practicing is actually not the same as playing! :) Playing is more creative - simply turn on your favorite backing tracks and play your kalimba to accompany it. It not only helps improve your improvising skills but also makes the experience of playing this mini instrument more fun! 

Moreover, you can use an electric acoustic kalimba (such as the one we offered below) to play and record your playing, combined with your background music. Isn't it fun to get a taste of what it is like to be a professional musician even if you are just a beginner? :D

Electric kalimba

Try our user-friendly electric kalimba

3. Relaxation

Because the natural sound of a kalimba is gentle and music-box-like, it feels relaxing when listening to this mini instrument (just imagine a baby listening to a lullaby song on a music box and falling asleep to it). I highly recommend using our mini instrument kalimba or our tank drum as a tool for meditation or relaxation, because the vibration it creates is high but not too out of control. That is also the reason we named ourselves Relaxation Studio. :) 

4. Portable mini instrument 

Due to the size of a kalimba, it is easy to bring them on the go. An 8-key kalimba can be easily hung on your backpack and a 17-key can fit in a normal handbag as well. Play them wherever you are to help you relax or get excited, as the music on this mini instrument is versatile. You can play any style of music with it. 

If you want to relax outside and meditate in an area surrounded by nature, try bringing this mini instrument with you. Music calms down the nerves and assists with meditation as well! It can maybe bring you some inspiration as well!

Here is a video of me playing an 8-key kalimba outside (please forgive me about the sound quality ^^) (P.S you can actually follow us on TikTok as we share fun and interesting kalimba-related videos there!)


5. Use this mini instrument as a decoration item or a pendant 

Isn't kalimba pretty? Yes! That's why we love it! Not only does this mini instrument have a beautiful sound, but it also looks cute. That is why many people thought it is a music toy but it is much more than that! It is can be used as a decoration item and a functional musical mini instrument, suitable for both kids and adults!

You can try to hand the 8-key pendant wherever you like as an ornament or put a 17-key kalimba on the desk as a decoration. This mini instrument will also be a memorable and great gift to give to family and friends that you care about. I am sure they will love it!

Kalimba Decoration Customized Kalimba

Our kalimba put on a night light stand (glowing in the room!) 

6. DIY a kalimba

Lastly, did you know that you can DIY a kalimba too? If you are an artist, you can try decorating this mini instrument with your painting or some objects. I am sure it would be a fun time as well as you spend time to DIY an item with your kids or family member yet the final product can still be very functional! 

Here is another video of me playing and decorating a kalimba:


Kalimba DIY Fun

Try our blank kalimba for DIY fun! 

That's all I would like to share today in regards to how to use this cute mini instrument called kalimba or thumb piano. All the ideas are based on my experience in using them. Hope you enjoyed reading this article! 

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