Our Mission

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Based in Los Angeles, CA, and Hong Kong, we are a brand established in 2020 dedicated to providing handmade relaxation instruments and  promoting peaceful lifestyles. 

We value craftsmanship and offer provide a variety of quality products, yet try to offer them at the best prices. On top of that, you can enjoy our free personalization services (engravings, printable designs, etc.) to create your own musical instruments and other relaxation products. 

As fellow music learners, we hope that we can help you to find the right instrument to create a personal musical memory. As artists, we hope that we can accompany you and spark your creativity. Founded in order to help people relax from their busy lives, we are hoping to spread love, peace and harmony all over the world through the music creation and tea art. 
For our store /products review, feel free to also check us out at https://www.etsy.com/shop/HomeRelaxStudio

Enjoy the relaxation that music and tea bring and have a great day!