How Music and Tea are Connected

How Music and Tea are connected

Poet Earlene Grey once said, "Tea is to the body as music is to the soul." In fact, there are a lot more similarities and connections between music and tea. Today, I would like to expand on this topic and talk about how music and tea are connected. 

In Buddhism, there is a phrase called "taste zen in tea.” It means that when you quiet your mind and sit still to make and taste a cup of tea, you will find tranquility or even life wisdom from the process.

Drinking tea can clear the mind, reduce stress, nourish the body and relieve the spirit, so there is a saying that "tea is full of zen."

Tea culture and music are connected

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In ancient China, when people drink tea, they tend to listen to music as well. Typically, people play music using traditional instruments such as Guzheng and Guqin, which produce harmonious and calming sounds. With this type of music in the background, the vibe of tea drinking ascends to the next level. Music and tea go well with each other.

In many poems and ancient articles, music is listed as one of the best companions during tea tasting. Music and tea scenes also appear together in paintings. When tea people drink tea accompanied by music, it is undoubtedly an elegant spiritual enjoyment. Music and tea can not only make the taste of the tea better but also help people to appreciate the profoundness and charm of the tea art culture.

On the other hand, we know that music can improve our mood and lift up our souls by raising our energy vibrationally (read more in this article). It is indeed an instrument with healing properties. Since both music and tea help us improve spiritually and physically, these two things are connected.

Furthermore on music and tea, what kind of music and musical instruments to choose when drinking tea should be considered if you would like to enjoy music and tea together. Just as there are different tastes in different types of tea, the vibe that each music creates differs from piece to piece as well. 

Some music makes people feel happy physically and mentally, just like enjoying the spring breeze. Some music takes you to infinite space and makes you the magnificence of the universe. It is recommended to listen to Chinese or Japanese traditional music while drinking tea. However, if it fits your mood better, you can also choose western music such as light music played by piano, saxophone, violin, kalimba, or pan drum.

Tea art and music are connected
Tea and music

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Listening to music while drinking tea can help us discover tea nature and benefit us morally, which altogether can inspire people to contemplate. A quiet environment and a piece of quaint music are in line with the elegant taste of tea culture. Music and tea complement each other, making the usual decoction of water and tea reach the realm of spiritual and artistic enjoyment.


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