Sound and Vibration

Today, let's talk about how sound and vibration can help us in our spiritual journey. 


Music is Vibration | Sound and Vibration Part 1

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."- Nikola Tesla

Everything in this universe has a vibration, and so does sound. Sound is energy. When Ernst Chladni did sound experiences on vibrating plates and visualized sounds on the board, he proved that sound broadcasts itself through sound waves. That is to say, sound is a type of vibration.

As human beings, we are vibrations as well. When we are happy, we vibrate on higher levels; when we are down, we vibrate on lower levels.

How Music Affects Us  | Sound and Vibration Part 2

Sound and vibration also have a big part to play in our spiritual development. You are what you listen to. When you listen to high-vibrational music, it affects the vibrations in your environment and can thus benefit you as well (if you choose to follow along the sound and vibration and keep up with it). On the other hand, when you listen to lower vibrational music, it could affect you in the opposite way. That is how sound and vibration affect us.

For example, think about how your mood is uplifted when you listen to calming and relaxing music (if even there are lyrics in it). And then think about how you feel if you listen to hardcore metal/rock music; think about how you feel when you hear people screaming all day long; or think about times when you listen to songs with sad lyrics. No judgments about different types of music here though. Just so you are aware of what you listen to and how sound and vibration could affect you so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

Music and Spiritual Development | Sound and Vibration Part 3

Even if you listen to the same type of music from years ago, the sound and vibration feel will no longer be the same. This is what happens after spiritual development. I figured that how I felt about a song changed drastically after a spiritual awakening. The songs that I thought was exciting, now become not so inspiring anymore, simply because I no longer vibrate at the same level as I used to.

Use Instruments to Help You Heal and Progress  | Sound and Vibration Part 4

One great way which helped me a lot in my spiritual development is music healing. As mentioned earlier, because the music we listen to has a direct vibrational effect on us, the positive music we listen to can help us move up the vibrational ladder as well.


Sound and Vibration | Relaxation Studio

Our 17 keys and 21 keys kalimba (click here to check it out)


That is also the reason I recommended using kalimba or pan drum for sound healing. The crisp and gentle sound and vibration these instruments produce are non-aggressive and have a high vibrational frequency. If you have heard that 432HZ helps people heal (because it is a natural frequency), then I recommend using a pan drum as a healing tool to match this frequency.

Sound and Vibration | Relaxation Studio

Pan drum with a beautiful gold color (click here to check it out)

Sound and Vibration | Relaxation Studio

Cute hand pan drum with a grounding red color (click here to check it out)


Sound and Vibration Summary 

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That's all I would like to share today about sound and vibration. I hope this can help you in a way during your spiritual journey and I am always happy to hear about your experience of using music instruments and how it helps you.


**Note this content is based on my personal experience and cannot replace medical advice given by a professional doctor. 

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