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Cute Kalimba Beautiful Acoustic and Electric Whole Wood Kalimba Thumb Piano

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Let the natural sounds vibrate through you with our beautiful wood kalimba! This cute kalimba is perfect for anyone from ages 2-102! It's an excellent instrument to play while listening to music, watching a movie, or just hanging out with friends.

-A cute kalimba with beautiful shape & smooth surface
-Made from selected whole beech wood which helps transmit the vibration more quickly and completely, with better resonance and more pleasant sound
-Customized keys using mineral metal with moderate thickness which makes the tone full, thorough and crisp
-This cute kalimba set comes with a plug in port and a cable to connect with the amplifier of your choice

Package includes: 1*Kalimba+1 EVA care box + a manual + stickers + cleaning cloth + a tuning hammer+ connecting cable (for electric version)

*Care: please try not to put the wood Kalimba near the heat or under the sun, as this may affect the shape of the wood.