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Easiest instruments to learn - 17 key and 21 Key Acrylic Transparent Kalimbas

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What are the easiest instruments to learn? 

Introducing our 17 and 21 keys acrylic kalimba, the easiest instruments to learn. It's not just a toy, it's a true kalimba that someone can really learn to play. It has 17 keys and is tuned up in heptatonic scale with adjustable tones. This makes it easier for first time players to sound great and carry a tune. It is easy enough for kids to enjoy but still has the sound of a quality instrument. All of the above makes them the easiest instruments to learn. 

Stylish acrylic transparent 17/21 key thumb piano/kalimba easiest instruments to learn produced by Little Shop

**"Little Shop" is a subsidiary brand under Relaxation Studio.

o Gentle and clear sound as a music box
o Good for stress relief, ceremonies, or decorations
o Great music learning tool even as a beginner
o 21 keys available as well to cover more tunes

Package and shipping:
o Ships with product protected in the package
o Package includes: a user manual, finger caps, a cleaning cloth, a silver tuner, a string sticker, a case

Select the style you would like to have today!

o 17 Key Bear Shape (clear)
o 17 Key Bear Shape (pink)
o 17 Key Cat Shape (see picture)
o 21 Key Bear Shape (see picture)