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Premium Gift Tea Set 18pcs Package Tea Ceremony Set Wood Package Gift Premium Value Pack

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Enjoy a rare selection of carefully handmade gift tea set package

One gift tea set package to fulfill all tea ceremony needs

Comes with:

-a blank portable hardcover wooden gift tea set package with handle 

-6pcs tea ceremony tools (tea brush for cleaning, tea scoop/spoon, tea needle, tea clip, caddy spoon, tea funnel)

-a tea bucket to hold all the tools 

-a tea container with airtight lid

- a stovetop safe teapot for boiling tea or pouring boiled water in directly (in top handle (7oz or 220ml) or side handle style (6oz or 180ml))

-a tea filter (filtering tea when pouring from the teapot into the serving pot or directly to the cups)

-a serving tea pot (6oz or 180ml)

-6 drinking cups (2oz or 60ml)


Colors available in red, blue, black 

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