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Gift Packaged Tea Set for Office and Home 6pcs Ceramic Tea Set Teapot with Teapot Stands

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A set of beautifully handmade tea sets with teapot and teapot stands; perfect as gifts or daily usage at home or office; adds some zen and calm vibe to the place

-Comes with a serving cup, a tea pot (two styles available to select from), a tea pad/ teapot stand (2 styles to select from), 3 drinking cups

-All made from Ceramics

-Cured under high temperature

-Ship via express shipping at extra care


Styles and sizes: 

-Waterdrop teapot: 12*9.4cm; 7oz or 200ml

-Teapot with handle: 15.5*9.2cm; 9oz or 270ml

-Serving cup: 8.6*9cm; 7oz or 200ml

-Drinking cup: 6.5*4cm or 1.5oz each

-Square Tea pad/teapot stand: 16*16*3cm (*it is used to hold teapot and water drips/extra water)

-Round Tea pad/tea try: 20*3.3cm