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Handheld Castanet Music Clapper Complementary Instrument

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What are Castanets?

A percussion instrument in the music clapper family. They are made from wood or ivory and fitted by a cord. Castanets are usually held in the hand and struck together. They are often played by singers or dancers, especially in Spain, since it is commonly used in the flamenco dance. (Source: Wikipedia, and

Castanet Music Clapper is a complementary percussion instrument. Play it with your hands or use it as a cymbal stand. Kids love the sound of clapping and castanets, and you will too.

  • Good to make music complementary beats
  • Great training tool for kids and adults to train their recognition of rhythms
  • Size: 70*50*20mm

This beautifully polished mini music clapper instrument is available in khaki, brown, red and black color.

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