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17 Key Acacia Wood Kalimba Thumb Piano

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Beautifully designed 17 key acacia wood kalimba with deer carving

The kalimba is a musical instrument that's easy to learn and fun for the whole family. It's played by striking the tines or "keys" with your fingers, thumbs, or picks. The keys are arranged in pairs of two

  • Great tiny instrument to practice and play on the go
  • High value as a gift package 
  • Free personalization available for additional engraving on the wood or custom designed of the sound hole 
  • The kalimba package includes a free cloth bag, a hammer, tickers, cleaning cloth, and a music book
  • Curved designed on the sides for easier handguard -Selected acacia wood that composites a gentle and clear sound

Size: Top width: 4.6in or 11.7cm Bottom width: 5.3in or 13.5cm Length: 7.3in or 18.5cm Height: 1.4in or 3.5cm