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Relaxing Gift Meditation Tank Tongue Drum with 8 Notes

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This is a beginner-friendly, relaxing gift meditation tank tongue drum for family. It is a great choice for anyone looking to get started with meditation or sound healing. It can be used for an hour-long session or as a background music. 

  • Best relaxing gift for mom, dad, other family members, yourself, or friends
  • Handcrafted using high-quality material that produces crystal clear and eternal sound
  • The relaxing gift drum is marked with musical notes; the sound is easily produced by using the complementary mallets or hands (with or without finger caps)
  • Round and smooth surface with easy handle -Easy to get started even if you have no musical background -Applicable for yoga, meditation, music education, relaxation, etc.

**The kit comes with a drum, a set of drum mallets, finger caps, stickers, a cloth bag and a study book

Size: 15*9cm or 6*3.5in

Tone: Standard C Notes: 8