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Kalimba Tremolo Tone Enriching Kalimba Chain Tool Set for 17 and 21 key Kalimba

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Kalimba Tremolo Tone Enriching Kalimba Chain Tool Set is the perfect companion for your Kalimba. With this set, you can easily create a rich and expressive performance that will transform your instrument into a tonal symphony.

Not just a decorative Kalimba chain to make your instrument more unique but it also extends the sound of Kalimba to strengthen the echo

• Increases the rustling sound from the keys through trembling effect

• The gold or silver kalimba chain comes with several pon-pon balls which will dance on Kalimba keys to increase the rustling sound even more and enrich the tones

• Comes with the full tool kit to help you with the installation

Two styles:

• For 17 keys: gold is 17cm and silver is 16cm with larger pon pon balls

• For 21 keys: 19cm in length with smaller pon pon balls