Music Healing and How It Affects Our Emotional Body

Today I would like to talk about my recent experiences related to music healing and how it affects our emotional body. 

How music affects us?

In my last article, I talked about how different vibrations can affect us either positively or negatively. Now I would like to add that – your perception of the music also determines how it affects you. 

If you strongly believe that the music you listen to is negative, then it might have a negative impact on you. However, if you switch the perspective lens and see it as a neutral experience, or even think that at this moment, this is the type of music that will help you, then you can turn it into a positive thing! 

I would also like to share my experience of listening to some “emotional” music. Some music titles themselves as “emotional” or “sad.” One day, I just decided to listen to one of these pieces of music, not because it is sad, but because I like how the drumbeat was placed in this music, which infuses the music with both an electrical and traditional feel. However, some of the melodies were so mellow that they reminded me of the days when I wasn’t feeling so good about myself and the days when I was going through a down period in my career life. I was listening to a lot of similar songs back in the day, so this act today reminded me of that time. However, I didn’t stop myself and went with my temptation. I listened to the music and went with the flow of it, with the fear in my mind that it might affect me. In the end – guess what – it did affect me in a not-so-positive way.

A few days later, I decided to change my perspective – I decided to focus on the present and let the past go. Because the past is the past, it no longer serves me, and there is no need to let it affect me. Then I decided to just purely enjoy the music without associating it with anything. Just let the positive vibes surround me and let the music healing start by itself. And this time, it had a completely opposite effect on me! It did work the opposite way compared to the first time!

Through this experience, I realize that – how music affects us is not only related to the vibration it carries but also how you are willing to allow the music to affect you or in what way you are allowing it to affect you! In a way, whether or not the music healing happens depends on you. 

How to use music healing as a tool to restore our emotional body?

In the previous section, I talked about how music affects you depending on yourself. It is the intention we have that creates our experience when we are listening to certain music. This also applies to how music healing works. If you don’t understand this concept completely yet, it is better to listen to the music that you think will help you.

Furthermore, if you want to use a music healing tool to heal your emotional body – the first step is to believe that music healing works for you. Then you can start picking the music that you think will assist you in your emotional body’s music healing journey. Such music healing pieces can be joyful music, uplifting music, or relaxing music.

The next step would be to flow with the music and let music healing happen. Let the positive vibes surround you – be it happy, joyful, relaxing, appreciative, etc. When you soak yourself into the music healing’s vibration, let your lower emotions be dissolved inside this vibrational space. Try to relax as much as possible and dissolve all your worries as well. 

The last step would be to restore your emotional body. The most powerful way I found is to fill yourself and your space with love. Love is a powerful feeling. It uplifts you even more and keeps you at this higher level of vibrations. When love is present, there is no space for those lower emotional feelings anymore! Keep this feeling in love and bring this feeling with you. Repeat the above steps as needed until you feel that your emotional body is all restored. 😊

How can kalimba and pan drum be used as music healing tools?

One tool that I recommend using during music healing is meditational instruments such as kalimba and pan drum. These items are fun to play with – for example, playing them together with kids to learn how music works. They are also great educational tools to bring you closer to the field of music learning and composing. Furthermore, they can be helpful music healing and meditational tools.

Relaxation Studio Music Healing 17 key cat acrylic kalimba

Enjoy fun music healing tool - 17 key cat acrylic kalimba 

Imagine that you bring a cup of tea or coffee with you and place it on a little table. Have a yoga meditation mat underneath your knees. Sit on the floor and start playing kalimba and pan drum. Just soak yourself in the high vibrations they bring and the simple joy of playing music. That is a great way to start your music healing journey!

Relaxation Studio Music Healing Tool  17 Key Electric Blue Kalimba

Music healing can simply start with a kalimba - 17 key electric kalimba

Relaxation Studio Music and Tea Retro Teaware Tea Set

Music and tea compliments each other - check our retro style teaware

You can even have some backtracking on and start composing music to match the backtrack. I used to do this and record myself. Even though I had no musical background, it did bring me a lot of fun and confidence that I could learn music this way too! I can also compose even if I am not an expert. 😊 Isn’t that confidence and joy a great way to heal oneself too?

Relaxation Studio Portable Pan Drum Music Backtracking Tool
Relaxation Studio Music Healing Meditation Tool Mini Pan Drum

Meditation and music healing with our pan drum

These tools are also portable. You can feel free to bring them to nature – such as by the beach, in the park, or even during a hike. Enjoy playing music and flowing with nature. Let the natural music healing from mother earth resonate with you and bring you to be the best version of yourself!


Play music healing kalimba by the beach - using our wood kalimba!

Relaxation Studio 8 Key Portable Kalimba



To summarize, I would like to add that - remember, relaxation is the key here. Relaxation is worry-free. Bring yourself to a relaxed state and enjoy the magical music healing journey, whether it is simply playing music at home, at work, during jogging, during hiking, or on other occasions. You can also use music healing tools such as kalimba and pan drum to assist you, at any place, at any time. May the music healing help you!

Lots of blessings to you,


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